How to Download Google Earth

By Techwalla Contributor

Google Earth is the fascinating geographic application that allows users to fly virtually all over the globe to view buildings and terrain in 3D and astonishing detail. The basic download is free. It takes only minutes to install it on your computer and try it out. Although the program is graphics intensive, it runs on most modern computers. An Internet connection is required.

Step 1

Open a Web browser and navigate to Google Earth's download Web page.

Step 2

At the Google Earth website, click the blue button that says "Download Google Earth 6" to open the download page.

Step 3

Unclick "Include Google Chrome, a fast new browser for Windows and Mac" if you don't want to also download the browser or if you already have it.

Step 4

Read Google Earth's Privacy Policy. Click "Agree and Download."

Step 5

Double-click the Google Earth .dmg file in your downloads folder to open the install screen. Drag the Google Earth icon to your hard drive to install it.

Step 6

Restart your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Click the "Learn" menu at the top of the Google Earth website and select one of the tutorials to get started with the program.