How to Download iPod Songs to a PC

By Contributing Writer

Gather Your Hardware

To transfer your music from an Ipod to a computer, you will obviously need the Ipod with the music on it, a new computer for the music to be downloaded to and an Ipod sync cable. Note the amount of music that is in your Ipod and make sure that your computer has enough hard disk space.

Download Transfer Software

If you are reading this, chances are good that you have come to the realization that Itunes does not want to allow you to transfer songs. To that end, we need another program that will allow us to make the transfer. Although there are several programs that make this possible, one of the best is Floola. Floola not only offers a layout familiar to Itunes, but it is free to boot. Visit the Floola website (see Resources below).

Open Floola, and Connect Your Ipod

Open Floola by clicking on its icon, and then connect your Ipod to the computer via the sync cable. Floola should recognize your Ipod, and display your music library in a fashion similar to Itunes.

Transfer Your Music

Create a folder on your desktop where you will be keeping your music. Select the music you would like to transfer from the list inside of Floola, drag and drop the selection into the folder on your desktop and wait for the transfer to complete.

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