How to Download Jailbreak From an iPod Touch

By Kahlea Pendleton

You can instantly jailbreak your iPod Touch with just a few steps without using your computer. By going to the JailbreakMe website on the device itself, it will allow you to jailbreak your iPod and even your iPhone or iPad. However, you will learn today how to jailbreak your iPod Touch device with only a few steps. Make sure that you don't upgrade your device past 4.0.1 because the JailbreakMe software doesn't support an upgrade past t 4.0.1.

Step 1

Turn your WiFi on. Go to "Settings" and then "WiFi." Touch the "ON" button to turn the WiFi on. Under "Choose A Network," setup your wireless connection. If you have a wireless connection setup in your home, your iPod Touch can also connect to it.

Step 2

Touch your "Safari" browser icon on your screen to browse to "JailbreakMe" website on your iPod Touch (See Resources). Wait for the website to load.

Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to install "AppSnapp" once website has uploaded. Tap the "AppSnapp" application. Wait a few seconds and you will see the application downloading. Once the download is done, you will see the page with the bar that reads "Slide to Unlock." Slide the bar to unlock your page and on your main page, you will see a new blue icon named "Installer."

Step 4

Install the application by pressing the blue "Installer" icon. Follow the prompts to install and then you're done.