How to Download Java for Windows XP

By Rusty Noble

Java is an add-on to web browsers that allows them to display complex web pages. Some web pages will not display properly unless Java is installed. Java is often used in web applications like games and chat rooms. Developers like using it because the same code can be used with Windows, Apple or Linux computers and their browsers without modification. One simple example is checking forms. With Java, a programmer can tell you about errors in a form you filled out before the information is sent to the main website.

Step 1

Open your browser and go to the Java website at The following steps are based on Windows XP with Internet Explorer, but other browsers are similar.

Step 2

Click the "Free Java Download" button to open the Java for Windows - Internet Explorer window. If your operating system is Windows and you are using Internet Explorer, click on the "Free Java Download" button. Otherwise click on "See all Java downloads here" to find the version for your operating system and browser.

Step 3

Click "Run" in the File Download - Security Warning window, then click "Run" in the Internet Explorer - Security Warning window.

Step 4

Click "Install" in the Welcome to Java window.

Step 5

Check or un-check (your choice) the box offering to install the Bing toolbar. The last window will say "You have successfully installed Java. It must now restart your browser to complete the installation."

Step 6

Save any browser work and click "Close" to restart your browser and complete the installation.

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