How to Download Microsoft Office on Multiple Computers

By Charisse Esmeralde

Microsoft’s terms of use restricts users from downloading Office onto more than two separate devices. No matter which version you choose, for every Office software CD or online download you purchase, you are allowed to download the software onto one main personal computer as well as one other computer laptop. You must be the primary registered user on both devices. Microsoft prohibits the downloading of additional copies of the software and sharing of downloaded software.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office software CD

PCs and Laptops

Step 1

Insert the Office software CD into your CD/DVD drive, then follow the prompts to download the software onto your computer. You are allowed to install the software onto your computer if you have purchased this CD from a computer store or if it was included in the original packaging when you purchased your computer or laptop. A prompt will appear on your screen indicating that installation has been completed successfully.

Step 2

Eject the CD. Choose a second computer or laptop on which you want to download Office. You must be the main user on both devices that you choose to download the software program onto.

Step 3

Insert your CD into the CD/DVD drive of your second device. Once again, follow the on-screen prompts to install Office. Eject the CD when installation is completed and store the installation CD.

Netbooks and Notebooks

Step 1

Find and double-click on the “Microsoft Office 60-Day Trial” shortcut icon located on your desktop. A menu of options will appear. You are allowed to download the Office onto a second device, such as a netbook or notebook. Select models of netbooks and notebooks do not include a CD or DVD drive, so you must activate the software after you turn on and register your device.

Step 2

Select the option to activate the full version for Microsoft Office. You will be prompted to enter your 25-digit product key. The product key can be found on the hard case of your software CD or on a label sticker on the CD sleeve.

Step 3

Confirm that you have typed in your entire product key accurately, then submit it. Once your product key is verified, you can begin using Microsoft Office on your netbook or notebook.

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