How to Download Music From Rhapsody

By Lauren Miller

Rhapsody is a music subscription service and online music store. The company has a desktop application as well as an online retail shop for music. Small businesses purchase MP3s for a variety of purposes including playing music in a retail store or for background music for company gatherings. DJs also use Rhapsody to add music to their digital collections for gigs. You can also buy Rhapsody gift cards to give to employees as presents.

Downloading From the Rhapsody MP3 Store

Step 1

Navigate to the Rhapsody MP3 store website (see link in Resources). You can browse music by genre or search for tracks and albums in the search field on the page. Find the track or album you want to download. Both albums and single tracks have an “Add to Cart” button next to them.

Step 2

Click the “Add to Cart” next to the album or track you want to download. Click the “Go to Cart” button in the mini-cart pop-up that appears or click “Continue Shopping” if you want to add more music to your cart. When you are finished selecting music, click the “Go to Cart” button in the mini-cart after you add your last item to your cart.

Step 3

Click “Checkout Now.” Enter a username and password in the fields provided. Click “Continue.” Enter your billing information to complete the checkout process and to begin the download of your music. Click the “Place Order” button.

Step 4

Click the “Download My MP3s” button on the download page. A “File Download” dialog appears. Click “Save.” A file manager dialog pops up so you can choose where to save the zip file that contains your music on your computer. Click “Save.” Locate the zip file on your computer and unzip with an unzipping app such as the freeware program 7-zip (see link in Resources).

Downloading From the Rhapsody Desktop Software

Step 1

Navigate to the Rhapsody website (See link in Resources). Click the “Subscriptions” link and select “Rhapsody Software.” Select the “New Customer” radio button. Enter your email address and a password in the appropriate fields. Click the “Continue” button.

Step 2

Download the Rhapsody desktop software from the service’s website if you want to subscribe to the service and download tracks as well. The software is compatible with computers that run Windows 7, Vista or XP. If you download music from within the desktop app, the software automatically adds the tracks to your Rhapsody music library.

Step 3

Click the “Start Download” button. Click “Save File.” A file manager dialog pops up. Choose the download location of the file on your computer, then click “Save.”

Step 4

Find the location of the downloaded Rhapsody software file and double-click it to install the software.

Step 5

Open Rhapsody. Enter the username and password you created at the prompt when the program starts.

Step 6

Click “Tools” from the program menu. Select “Preferences.” In the “File Locations” area of the “General Tab” you can see the folder where downloaded MP3s go after purchase. If you want to change the default location, click “Browse” and select a location on your computer for your downloaded MP3s. Click “OK” to close the file browser. Click “OK” to close the Preferences window.

Step 7

Type the name of a track, album or artist in the program’s search field. Your search results will appear in the program’s main window.

Step 8

Click the “Buy MP3” button. A Confirm Your Purchase pop-up appears. Click “Complete Purchase.” Enter your billing information on the next screen. Click “Submit.” The MP3 will download to the folder you specified in app’s preferences.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can purchase Rhapsody gift cards from major retailers online or in-store.
  • Sometimes, depending on your payment plan, you will have to pay extra for certain songs.