How To Download Music From the Internet

By Mitchell White

It's relatively easy to download music online if you know where to look. There are many programs and websites that let you search for the music that you want, and then quickly download it over your computer's Internet connection. In order to do this, you have to first download the proper software that will let you then search and download music to your heart's content.

Step 1

Go to a website that will allow you to download music. Examples include Ares Galaxy and iTunes.

Step 2

Download the software for the program by clicking on the link marked "download."

Step 3

Install the program after it downloads by double-clicking on the installation icon. It should be on your desktop or "My Downloads" folder, depending on your computer's settings.

Step 4

Begin the program by double-clicking on the shortcut that should appear on your desktop after installation is finished.

Step 5

Click on the 'Search" option in your program and type in a keyword that describes a particular song for which you're looking; this could be the name of the artist or the title of the song, for example. The program will search to see what songs are currently available. You should be able to then click on a song to download, though you will have to buy it first if it's a pay program you're using.

Tips & Warnings

  • The website iTunes is a pay site, whereas Ares Galaxy is free, though this latter program may link you to illegal material.
  • Downloading music that you don't already have the rights to use, such as owning a CD, is illegal.