How to Download Music Onto an iPhone

By Chad Buleen

The iPhone has been a popular device among users since it was first released in 2006 thanks to the fact that there are so many features and functions associated with it. Although the iPhone features phone functions, GPS units, video viewers and game consoles, the iPhone's iPod function is perhaps the most popular feature the phone has.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone

Step 1

Connect to a wi-fi network. To set the iPhone to a wi-fi connection, push the "Settings" button on the home screen. The settings menu will open. The second item in the menu says "wi-fi." Click on this and a new page will open. Next to "wi-fi," click on and choose a network that appears. Songs will download more quickly when connected to a wi-fi connection than when connected to a 3G network.

Step 2

Push the circular button on the bottom of the phone to return to the home screen. Press the iTunes icon and iTunes will open. At the bottom of the page, click on "Search" for a song to download. After finding the song, click on the button next to the song that has the song's price in it. This button will turn into a download button. Press it for three seconds and release to begin the download.

Step 3

Sign into the iTunes account. A screen will appear that asks you to enter your iTunes password. Enter the password, and press "OK."

Step 4

Wait as the song downloads. To see the song download, click on the "Downloads" button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Depending on the connection speed and the length of the song, it usually takes about a minute or two for the download to complete.

Step 5

Click on the circular button at the bottom of the iPhone. Then click on the "iPod" icon located at the bottom of the screen. Click on "Songs" and find the song that was just downloaded. Click on the song and it will begin to play the music that has been downloaded.

Tips & Warnings

  • Music can also be placed on an iPhone by syncing the phone to iTunes with the cord that comes with the phone.
  • Files larger than 10 MB cannot be downloaded over the iPhone 3G network.