How to Download Music Video From YouTube to MP4

By Kefa Olang

YouTube's video sharing network contains a large catalog of music videos of many different genres, including rock, pop, rhythm and blues, and country. You can search for your favorite artists and watch new and old videos. Many programs, websites and portable video players support MP4, one of the most popular video formats. Without installing an application, download and convert YouTube music videos to MP4 format.

Step 1

Go to (or click the link in Resources) and click the "Videos" button. In the left panel, click "Music" and then select the music video that you want to download to MP4 format. If you do not see the video that you are looking for, type the name in the search box and click "Search." When you finally find the music video you are looking for, click it to begin playback. Copy the music video URL address in the URL address box.

Step 2

Go to a media conversion website such as, or Paste the YouTube music video URL address you copied into the URL address box. Select "MP4" in the "Convert to," or "Output format" box, and click "Convert" or "Start." The media conversion website rips the YouTube music video and converts it to MP4 format.

Step 3

Click "Download" when the conversion process completes. This launches the file saving dialog box. Select the folder to save the file in and type a name for the file. Click "Save" to download the MP4 music video to your computer.