How to Download Nepali Music

By Joshua Smyth

Although it is a small country, Nepal has a vibrant music scene that draws together Nepalis from around the world. Stars like Shiva Shankar have gained some fame in the West, but the Nepali music scene is otherwise little known outside the Nepali community itself. Nepali artists have embraced the Internet as a way to get their music heard by a wider audience, and there is quite a bit of Nepali music now available for free and paid download.

Nepali Music Websites

Step 1

Open your Internet browser and visit one of the many websites that feature Nepali content. The most professionally organized is Murchunga Nepali songs, but the Nepali Matters music blog also offers many good MP3 tracks for download. Some high-quality traditional tracks are also available for download at Music Nepal. Most of the other websites offering Nepali music only offer lower-quality streaming content.

Step 2

Search for artists you would like to hear. Click on the links to take you to their subpages.

Step 3

Click on the "Download MP3" links to download songs. Not every artist has MP3s available for download; some prefer to stream music and ask people to buy albums if they want to keep a copy.

Step 4

Open any songs you download in a MP3 player such as Windows Media Player or iTunes, which are free downloads from Microsoft and Apple, respectively.

Nepali Music on the iTunes Store

Step 1

Download Apple's iTunes software and install it.

Step 2

Open your applications folder and double-click on iTunes.

Step 3

Click on "iTunes Store" in the menu on the left side of the iTunes screen. Wait for it to load.

Step 4

Search for music. Enter in your search terms in the search box on the top right of the iTunes window. If you are looking for a specific artist, enter the name. If you want to see all Nepali music, just key in "Nepal."

Step 5

Click on the album picture of an album you are interested in. Next to each track you will be able to click "Buy," or you can click "Buy Album."

Step 6

Create an iTunes account if you haven't already. When you click "Buy," follow the onscreen instructions to do so. You will be asked to enter your credit card number. Once you have done this once, you can purchase Nepali tracks in one click.

Step 7

Look in your iTunes library for any songs you have bought. Double-click on them to play them.