How to Download Phone Numbers From Your Cell Phone

By John Smith

Trying to manage your cell phone contacts using your tiny keypad can be irritating. Using the correct software program, you can download your personal information off your phone and edit it as you like. Most programs will let you edit your contacts and upload them back to your phone, which saves you time. You can also save the contacts on your computer in case anything happens to your phone and you lose all of your friend's and family’s information.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet
  • Cell phone syncing software
  • USB cable

Step 1

Download a third-party software program that can sync your cell phone with your computer. Click "save as" when downloading the program. There are many different programs out there that can be bought or tried for free.

Step 2

Install the program by double-clicking the file. Read the user agreement and choose where you wish to install the program.

Step 3

Take a USB cable and connect your phone to the USB port on your computer.

Step 4

Run the syncing program. In the menu, select the "contacts" option. Different programs will keep this menu in different places, but all should have it listed somewhere. Refer to the help section or software user guide of your downloaded program if you need help locating this option.

Step 5

Choose to "download" your contacts from your phone. Once downloaded, you can edit your contact details, save the file in Excel, or make changes and upload the information back to your cell phone.