How to Download Skype on My PC

By Morgan O'Connor

With the Skype service, you can chat online for free with friends and contacts around the globe. You can also make free voice and video calls to other Skype users regardless of their location. For other features, such as group video calls or voice calls to cell phones or landlines, you must pay a fee. Before you can do any of this, however, you must download Skype on your PC.

Step 1

Direct the Web browser of your choice to Skype's home page.

Step 2

Hover your cursor over "Get Skype" where it appears in the row of options near the top of the page. This option is located between "Features" and "Prices." This displays a list of download options. Click "Windows" in the "Computer" section to go to a new page.

Step 3

Click the blue "Download Skype" button on this new page. Follow your computer's prompts to begin the download.

Step 4

Click the "I agree - install" button in the "Skype - Install" window that opens. You may have to wait a few moments as Skype installs. When the process finishes, you have successfully downloaded and installed Skype on your computer.

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