How to Download Software for Mobile Phones

By Meaghan Ellis

With today's more advanced smartphones, mobile versions of software that is available for your computer's operating system can also be acquired for your cell phone. Mobile software for applications like Microsoft Office, zip file extraction and Windows Media Player add-ons are available for full accessibility on your phone. You can download software for your mobile phone straight from your computer and sync them directly to your phone. Whatever method you choose will be effective to get the job done.

Step 1

Go to Windows Mobile online.

Step 2

Access the Downloads section on the Windows Mobile homepage. Navigation to this section of the site will be displayed in the menu tabs at the top of the screen. Select the "Downloads" tab option and click on the "App It Up Marketplace" link on the downloads page.

Step 3

Choose the software file you want to download to your computer. Browse through the marketplace applications and double-click on the application you want. Purchase the application you desire and a download link will be generated for your software. Click on the download link and opt to save the file to your computer.

Step 4

Connect your mobile phone to the computer. Plug the USB sync cable into both the computer and the mobile phone. The AutoPlay window will appear when the connection is successfully configured and detected. Choose the first option listed in the AutoPlay window, which should enable you to view the file folders for the phone.

Step 5

Move the software application to your mobile phone. When the file folder opens, locate the downloaded software on your hard drive. Highlight the software file and drag it to your phone's folders to move the software application to your mobile phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Obtain a memory card for your software. This will help you to avoid putting so much pressure on your phone's memory. The more you have on your phone's memory, the slower the phone will run.Make sure you have a Microsoft Live mobile account for your mobile phone before you begin searching for software and apps to download. Without a Microsoft Live mobile account, you will not be able to access any apps in the marketplace.
  • You must have a phone that is Windows Mobile compatible. Windows Mobile serves as a operating system for smart cell phones, which is not an amenity that the average cell phone has. Therefore, your phone must either be a PDA or SmartPhone to run software effectively.These instructions are specifically for downloading mobile software from the Windows Mobile. Although other websites can be used to download mobile software, this site is secure and trusted.Only download software from trusted websites. If you have not downloaded from a certain site in the past, make sure it is reputable before you attempt to download anything to your computer or phone.