How to Download Songs From a Mac Pro to an iPod

By David Perez

If you can remember record albums and eight-track tapes, you probably recognize how much the digital age has revolutionized music playback. At the center of this revolution is the iPod, a portable MP3 player that allows you to carry much of your music library, if not the whole thing, with you everywhere you go. While there are a few different ways of getting your music onto your iPod, they are all pretty painless.

Things You'll Need

  • Ipod
  • Macbook Pro with iTunes installed
  • USB cable

Step 1

Start your computer and open your iTunes software. The main interface presents you with three main sections. There is a bar on the top that has playback controls, a display window and a search field. Directly below this is the largest window, which contains your music library. It displays the title, artist, album and other song information. On the far left is a navigation window that allows you to switch libraries (say, from music to video), view external devices and organize your playlists.

Step 2

Plug in your iPod using the USB cable. In a few seconds it should show up in the window on the left under “Devices” as an icon of the iPod.

Step 3

To place a song from the library on your computer to the iPod, click on the song you want and hold. Then, drag it from the library window to the icon of your iPod. A plus symbol will appear over the iPod. Let go of the mouse button. An arrow rotating in a circle will appear beside the iPod letting you know that the song is being transferred.

Step 4

To transfer multiple songs, click to highlight any song you want. Then, hold the “?” key and click on the other songs you want. They will all become highlighted. Drag and drop any one of the selected songs. They will all transfer to the iPod. If all the songs are grouped together in the library, you can select the first then hold “Shift” and click on the last. This will highlight and allow you to drag and drop all of the songs at once.

Step 5

To place all of your music on your iPod, first make sure it has enough space. Look at the bar on the bottom of the iTunes window. In the center it will display the amount of memory your songs take up. Then, click to select your iPod and select the “Music” tab. Your iPod’s available memory will appear on the bottom of the window. If your iPod has enough free space, click the “Sync music” box then click “Sync” in the bottom-right corner. This will erase all the music on your iPod and replace it with the library on your computer (See Reference 1).

Tips & Warnings

  • Always click on the arrow to the right of the iPod icon and wait for it to disappear from the device window before disconnecting the USB cable.