How to Download Songs Onto an iPod

By Contributing Writer

If you are not computer savvy, downloading songs onto your iPod may seem like a difficult task. Never fear. Once you download music a few times it will be a breeze. Your iPod will soon be filled with all of your favorite songs, ready for you to play during a workout, a party or for whenever you want to listen to music.

Step 1

Install iTunes onto your computer by going to the iTunes website (see Resources). Once you are at the site, click on "Free Download." You will be asked if you want to download to a Mac or to Windows. Click on the one you intend on using and follow the rest of the instructions for completing the installation.

Step 2

Connect your iPod to your personal computer. An iPod icon will pop up under the Devices section of your computer. Click on the iPod icon.

Step 3

Choose to download music one of two ways. If you want to automatically download all of the music from your library to your iPod, choose "sync music." Then click on "all songs." This will automatically download all the songs from your music library onto your iPod. It will even delete songs you haven't selected that are already on your iPod. If you want to select only a few songs, select "sync music" and then click "selected playlists" to download only specific songs.

Step 4

Download manually instead, if desired. Click on your iPod icon. Then click on the icon that says "music." This opens your music library and you can then manually drag your choice of songs to your iPod by right clicking on the song and dragging it to the iPod.

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