How to Download Spyware To A Cell Phone

By Techwalla Contributor

While some people use spyware maliciously, spyware on a child's cell phone can help mom and dad watch out for their children. Follow these steps to download spyware to a cell phone.

Step 1

Know your laws first. It may be illegal to use this method of parental supervision, so make sure you find out what your local and state laws are before putting spyware on a cell phone you don't own. There is news going around right now of stalker boyfriends and girlfriends putting spyware on each others phones without giving consent. Use common sense before doing anything that would infringe on the lawful rights of others.

Step 2

Open a search engine and type in the phrase spyware for cell phones. There are many products on the internet available, but you will want to make sure you get a good product that doesn't allow third party companies access to track your cell phone use. Spyware allows users to listen to calls wether the cell phone is on or not and if the cell phone has a camera, this can be accessed too. Read the fine print in the terms of use and privacy agreement before you download anything to a cell phone. Knowing what your agreeing to can help you avoid problems down the road.

Step 3

After you've found the spyware software you want to download to your cell phone, follow the steps the product provider gives you. They will use your cell phone number to access your phone to download the spyware. The spyware is usually stored in the operating settings of your phone, so if you ever want to remove it, pay attention to where it says it will be stored.