How to Download to a Memory Stick

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Backing up files is very important today. Most people forget to do it, and when their computers crash, they are left with nothing. Using a memory stick to back up those crucial files can save a lot of headaches later. Also, with prices dropping as of 2009, you can get a 4 GB stick for less than $100.

How to Download to a Memory Stick

Step 1

Plug the memory stick into the card reader. This is a small slot on your computer, usually on the front or back of a desktop and on the side or front of a laptop. It will be the only obvious place to put the stick.

Step 2

Give your computer a few seconds to read the stick; then go to your desktop. Once there, you will see an icon that says "Computer" or "My Computer." Double-click on it. You can also find the Computer icon by going to the Start menu in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.This will take you to the different drives on your computer. There should be a drive labeled "memory stick," and it should be either your D or E drive.

Step 3

Locate the files on your computer that you would like to download to your memory stick. Drag and drop these files to the memory stick icon. The files will begin to copy. Once they are finished, you can right-click on the memory stick icon, and it will ask you if you want to remove the device. Click on this, and you can safely remove the memory stick.

Step 4

Download a file from the Internet by using the "Save As" command. When your computer asks you where to save, navigate over to the My Computer icon, and find your memory stick icon. Double-click on it, and the file will begin downloading to the stick. Remove it the same way as instructed in Step 3.