How to Download to an MP4 Player

By Larry Amon

The term MP4 player is sort of a misnomer. MP4 is the abbreviation for a type of video compression, but most MP4 players do not even play this kind of file. MP4 represents the next stage of devices after MP3 devices. MP4 players usually play audio and video. There isn't a definitive list of MP4 players, but the iconic iPod is the best example of such a player. In most cases, downloading involves copying to the device via software or Windows.

Step 1

Find the audio or video that you want to download. You can download media from websites or services that offer media or you can use media that already exist on your computer. Right click on the "Start" menu button and choose "Open Windows Explorer." Go through your folder and find the location where the media was saved.

Step 2

Install software for your MP4 player. Some players have specific software that is used to move files between your computer and the player. IPods for example use iTunes software, which is available for free to anyone.

Step 3

Connect the device to your computer using the USB cable provided with the player. One end should plug into your device and the other end into an open USB port.

Step 4

Open the software application or open the window where the files are saved. Select the files. Right click and choose "Copy" and move to the folder for the device and right click and "Paste" in the file window. Or copy the media to the device in the software. You may have to choose "OK" or "Apply," if using software.

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