How to Download to iPod Nano

By Krystle Vermes

Apple has been wowing crowds with the iPod since it was released in 2001 and has made it a point to revolutionize the MP3 player. Whether you're tech-savvy or tech-challenged, downloading files to the iPod Nano is easy with the iTunes program. Using a few simple tricks and tips, it can be done by anyone.

Things You'll Need

  • An iPod Nano
  • A computer with the iTunes program
  • An iPod USB cable

Step 1

Connect your iPod Nano to the computer using the iPod USB cable.

Step 2

Open the iTunes program, if it has not already been automatically booted.

Step 3

Verify that your iPod has been successfully connected to your computer by viewing it under "Devices" in the left side bar of the iTunes window.

Step 4

Select the downloaded files you want to add to your iPod Nano. In the left side bar of the iTunes window, your files are sorted in the library according to "Music," "Movies," etc.

Step 5

Verify that the files you want to transfer onto the device are highlighted and selected.

Step 6

Click and drag the files onto the iPod listed under "Devices." It will begin syncing your iPod. Allow it to complete the process to successfully add media files to the device.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hold down the "Shift" key while clicking files to transfer to select more than one file at once.
  • Disconnecting your iPod before it finishes syncing may result in a loss of data.