How to Download Video From a Sony Handycam to a Computer

By James Clark

Sony manufactures a series of digital camcorders under the brand name Handycam, with various features and benefits. The Handycam contains a hard drive for storing video and audio, which can be downloaded to a computer with a standard USB cable connection. Once transferred to a PC or laptop, the original footage can be deleted from the Handycam to make room on the hard drive.

Things You'll Need

  • USB cable
  • Computer installed with Sony Handycam software

Step 1

Shut down the computer and turn off the Handycam.

Step 2

Connect the USB cable from the port on the back of the Handycam to any free USB port on the computer.

Step 3

Turn on both devices and wait for the "New Hardware Detected" message to appear on the computer screen.

Step 4

Open the Handycam software by double-clicking the name of the program on the computer.

Step 5

Click "Add File" to open a list of MPEG-4 video files stored on the Handycam. Select the desired videos, which will be listed numerically unless previously saved with a name on the Handycam.

Step 6

Click "Import from Handycam" to transfer the video files to the computer, where they can be stored, edited or burned to a disc (on computers equipped with a DVD burner).

Tips & Warnings

  • Connect the Handycam DC power cord while transferring video so the camcorder battery doesn't die in the middle of a download.