How to Download Videos & Movies Into an MP4 Player

By Ashia Sims

When you purchase an MP4 player, it is important to understand how to effectively put videos and movies on it. While some MP4 players come with specific software that helps with transferring files, others do not; nevertheless, the process is largely the same. The most important thing is to allow time for the files to be transferred properly and make sure the file format is correct.

Things You'll Need

  • USB cord
  • MP4 file converter program

How to Download Videos & Movies Into an MP4 Player

Step 1

Verify the amount of space available on your MP4 player. The amount of space will be listed on the package it came in. If the package is unavailable, connect the player to your computer using the USB cord. Once the computer recognizes the drive, go to the icon representing the drive and right-click on it. Click on "Properties" and look for where it says "Capacity" or "Used Space." That will tell you how much space is on the MP4 player.

Step 2

Right-click on the video and/or movie file and go to "Properties" to see the size of it and compare it to the amount of space on the MP4 player. The size of the file should be smaller than the amount of space on the MP4 player. It is important that the file will fit properly on the MP4 player. Video and music files can vary in size and if you attempt to transfer something that's too big for the MP4 player, it could corrupt the file.

Step 3

Convert the video and music files to MP4 using a file converter. Visit and do a search for MP4 converter to find one. Many MP4 conversion software programs are available. Two examples are Pazera and AVS (see References). Pazera is a free software and AVS is a paid software.

Step 4

Attach the MP4 player to your computer using the USB cord. Wait for your computer to recognize the MP4 player before beginning the transfer of files. If it is already attached because you've verified the amount of space on it, leave it attached.

Step 5

Open the MP4 player drive. Some drives have folders specifically created for the music files and video files separately. Others are just blank. Find the proper place to put the file before beginning the transfer.

Step 6

Copy the video or movie file from your computer to the MP4 player. Copy the file from your computer and paste it into the MP4 player folder. It may take some time before the transfer is complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't multitask when transferring files. Let the computer focus on the file transfer to cut down on things going wrong and the file becoming corrupted.
  • Don't cut the file and paste it into the MP4 folder. If something happens during the transfer, you could corrupt the file and lose it.