How to Download With Opera Mini

Opera Mini is just one of many Web browsers you can use to navigate Web pages on your Android, BlackBerry or iOS device. Like other browsers, downloading files typically involves simply clicking on a downloadable file link on a Web page.

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Download songs or files with just a few clicks or taps.
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Click and Save

First, launch your Opera mini browser and navigate to the website of the downloaded file by typing the website's address into the browser bar. If the site has files available for downloading, you'll see a box titled "Download" or a similar option. Tap on the "Download" box -- or if you're using a BlackBerry, slide the track wheel over the box and then click the track wheel to select it. Click "Open" to save the file to your Downloads folder. If you want to save the file to another folder, click "Choose" and then select the folder you want to use. Once you've selected it, click "Save."