How to Download Word Fonts For Free

By Contributing Writer

Tired of Times New Roman? Sick of Courier New? Worn out by Webdings? Add fonts with flair to your cache of lettering without spending a dime. A number of websites offer downloadable fonts–from ones that look like handwriting to type that mimics pop culture–free of charge.

Step 1

Visit 1001freefonts to download fonts for your PC or Mac (see Resources below). The site's offerings are divided into categories. Check out the “Famous” section to find fonts in the likeness of your favorite shows, products and bands. The site’s Mobsters font mirrors the letters of the HBO hit "The Sopranos," Loki Cola copies the famous curly script of the popular soda brand and the Parry Hotter font imitates the lightning bolt adorned alphabet of the wildly popular book series.

Step 2

Search the dafont website and browse through a vast archive of free fonts culled from a number of sites. Highlights on this site include holiday fonts, graffiti fonts and logo fonts. Remember, though, that some of these fonts are for personal use only.

Step 3

Scout out other free font sites on a search engine. Type in “free fonts” and loads of sites that offer freebies will be at your fingertips in seconds. to Download Word Fonts For Free |

Step 4

Download the fonts you like by clicking on the appropriate link or button on any free font website and save the file.

Step 5

Drop the font file into your computer’s font folder. PC users can find the font folder in their Control Panel, while Mac users can find it inside the System Folder.

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