How to Edit 2 Picture Into 1

By Contributing Writer

Editing two pictures into one larger image can be accomplished a number of ways, using a variety of graphics programs. Essentially, though, the steps for creating a basic double image vary little from software program to program. Here's a series of steps that will enable you to edit two pictures into one.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer (Mac or PC compatible)
  • Graphics software (with photo merging capabilities)
  • Pictures to be merged

Merging images

Step 1

Locate the folder on your hard drive that contains the images you want to merge together.

Step 2

Run your desired graphics program and load both of the images from their locations on the computer's hard drive.

Step 3

Search each image's properties for the image resolution. These resolutions should match, in order to prevent differences in size and proportion when the photos are combined.

Step 4

Crop both images to remove any unwanted material. If the pictures vary in size, they can still be combined, though white space will result. It is possible to make this area transparent, depending on the software and file type being used.

Step 5

Create a new, blank document for the combined images. Ensure that the new page is large enough to contain both pictures, so that they can be combined without losing any part of the pictures.

Step 6

Select the first image to be combined. Copy it onto the computer's clipboard and paste it into the new, blank document. Position the image in the desired location on the new page.

Step 7

Repeat the copy and paste process with the second image.

Step 8

Merge the layers of the new image together, if the photo editing software being used creates layers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Expensive professional photo editing software is not necessary to combine two pictures into one, though not all basic art programs include the necessary options to merge pictures together. is an example of a free, multi-featured program that can be downloaded from several websites.