How to Edit a Data Source in MS Word 2007

By Foye Robinson

According to Microsoft Office Online, "A data source is a file that contains the data that varies in each copy of a merged document." The data source may be created in Excel, Access, a database application or even Word. The data source is set up as a table of rows and columns. It's often used in Word for a mail merge. You can access and edit a data source during a mail merge in Word 2007.

Step 1

Open a new document you want to use for the mail merge.

Step 2

Select the "Mailings" tab. Then choose "Start Mail Merge" and "Mail Merge Wizard."

Step 3

Follow the wizard and pick the type of mail merge you want to perform in the "Mail Merge" task pane. Then click "Next: Starting document."

Step 4

Select your starting document, then click "Next: Select recipients."

Step 5

Select "Use an existing list." Then click on "Browse" to retrieve the data source file you want to use.

Step 6

Go to the "Data Source" section of the "Mail Merge Recipients" dialog box. Then select the source file from the text box.

Step 7

Click the "Edit" button to edit the data source.

Step 8

Use the up and down arrow keys (on your keyboard) to move between records in the "Edit Data Source" dialog box. Click "Find" to locate a record quickly.

Step 9

Place your cursor in the text field you want to edit and type over any data you want to replace. To insert a new record, click the "New Entry" button. Then add an entry and click "OK."

Step 10

Choose "Yes" if Word asks to update the recipient list and save the changes to the data source file.

Step 11

Click "OK" to close the "Mail Merge Recipients" dialog box.

Step 12

Follow the wizard to complete the mail merge. Then click the "Save" button in the Quick Access Toolbar to save your work.