How to Edit HTML in Word

By Alexandra Bee

Microsoft Word's features include writing and editing tools, graphic creation tools, and the ability to edit HTML files to save for the Internet. Editing an HTML file in Microsoft Word is as simple as creating or editing a written article. Word lets you use certain HTML shortcuts and bits of code, making the coding and development process easy.

Step 1

Create a new HTML page by selecting "File > New." When you are ready to save your HTML page, go to "File > Save As." When the save folder appears, under "Save as Type" choose "Web Page" or "HTML." You can also type ".html" after a file name to automatically convert the file type to an HTML page when saving the document.

Step 2

Add an image to your HTML page in Microsoft Word by clicking the "Insert" tab near the top toolbar of Microsoft Word. Select "Picture" to browse for the image you want to insert into your HTML document.

Step 3

Insert a hyperlink into Word by typing the title of the link. Highlight the text you want to become a hyperlink, then select the "Insert" tab from the top of the toolbar in the program. Choose the "Hyperlink" menu item to insert the hyperlink's URL. Click "Ok" after entering the URL to complete the hyperlink.