How to Edit Text Using Adobe Reader

By Andrew Schrader

Adobe Reader offers users the ability to import and edit text in several document types, although it is best known as a PDF viewing and editing tool--allowing for total interaction with your documents, including digital verification and signing of your files. Although you may find it difficult to edit PDF text simply by clicking on the portion you want to edit, you can edit Adobe documents with Adobe's "Touch Up Text" tool.

Step 1

Launch Adobe Reader. Open your document by clicking "File" and selecting "Open." When the dialog box appears, browse for your input document and click "Open."

Step 2

Click the "Tools" menu item. Scroll to "Advanced Editing" and select the "TouchUp Text Tool."

Step 3

Click on the text you want edited to open a "bounding box" surrounding the text you selected.

Step 4

Begin typing to replace your old text. To select all your text, click on the "Edit" menu and click "Select All." You may now delete or drag and move text to the appropriate places.

Tips & Warnings

  • To copy text, use the TouchUp tool to select the desired text. Click "Edit" and select "Copy." Navigate to the part of your document you want to paste text to. Right-click the location and select "Paste."