How to Edit the Bookmarks in an Apple

By Kefa Olang

Bookmarks are favorite websites that you add to your browser to allow you quicker access to them. When you add bookmarks, you save time by not having to type in the URL addresses each time you want to visit the same websites. With Apple, you can easily add and edit your bookmarks to better organize them.

Step 1

Launch Safari and click the "View" menu on the top. Click the "Show Bookmarks Bar."

Step 2

Add a bookmark by clicking the "+" button on the Bookmarks Bar. Select the folder to save the bookmark in and click "OK." Alternatively, add a bookmark by simultaneously pressing "Command" and "D."

Step 3

Open the Bookmark Management Console. To do so, click "Bookmarks" on the menu and click "Show all bookmarks."

Step 4

Click the "Bookmark Menu" link on the left panel if you want to add a new bookmark folder. Select "Add Bookmark Folder" to create a new folder. Name the folder whatever you want. Drag the bookmarks you want into this folder to organize them.

Step 5

Click the "Bookmarks Bar" link on the left panel if you want to delete saved bookmarks. Select the bookmark you want to remove and click "Edit" then click "Delete."