How to Edit the Header Size in Word 2007

By Rick Paulas

Among the many options available for users of Microsoft Word 2007 is the ability to edit various elements of your document's header. You can not only change the font and alignment or insert a photo into the header, but also edit the actual font size of your header.

Step 1

Click on "Insert" at the top of the Word 2007 toolbar. Click on "Header" and click the option to "Edit Header."

Step 2

Click on the "Go to Header" button to go to the header of the document. You can now edit the various elements of the header, including the size, font and alignment. To edit the header size, click on the drop-down button for "Font Size" and choose the size you want.

Step 3

Press the button for "Close Header and Footer" to finish the editing process. Save your document to save the header size.