How to Eject a CD From a Mac Book

By James Johnson

If you're new to using a Mac computer you have probably noticed that Mac CD drives don't offer an eject button. In order to remove a CD or DVD from the drive users instead use shortcut options that can be operated using their keyboard and mouse. There are four primary methods for ejecting a DVD or CD from a Mac drive.

Step 1

Press the keyboard "Eject" button. This button is typically found at the top right corner of your mac keyboard. The picture to the left shows the drive eject button highlighted in pink.

Step 2

Hold down the F12 Key as a second means for ejecting a DVD or CD. You may be required to hold down the F12 Key for several seconds before it completes the operation.

Step 3

Find the DVD/CD drive on your Mac's desktop. Drag the icon into the "Trash" folder. This will also eject your disk. This method will not delete anything.

Step 4

Find the "Eject" option via the program you are using. Some programs such as iTunes offer their own CD and DVD eject buttons. Typically this is found under the "Tools" or "Options" link at the top of the program.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never attempt to pry out a CD or DVD with tweezers or any other objects as it can damage your drive.