How to Email a Web Page

By Liz Jacobs

Email is a system for sending messages over a computer network. With a click of the mouse button, you can send a web page to many people at one time. When you send a web page to someone, the recipient will be able to download it to his or her computer and save it for later viewing. The recipient won't have to be connected to the Internet to view the page.

Step 1

Go the web page you want to send by typing the page's address into your browser.

Step 2

Put your mouse's cursor on the page and right-click. Select "Save As."

Step 3

Save the page to your computer.

Step 4

Open your email and go to "Compose" to create a new message.

Step 5

Put the recipients of the email in the "Send To" field.

Step 6

Click "Attach a File."

Step 7

Click on the web page you saved on your computer in step 3. Click "Send" to send the email with the attached message.