How to Embed a Video to Animoto

By Jennifer Moore

Animoto is a slide and video editing program that inserts interesting effects, music and style into your images or videos. Before you embed or upload a video to Animoto, you need to sign up for an account, give the company your email address and choose a password. There are three account types to choose from. You can select the free version, which only allows you to edit 30 seconds of video, and the personal or business accounts which offer different features at different annual prices.

Step 1

Sign in to your Animoto account using your registered email address and password.

Step 2

Click "Create Video" and choose the video style you like from the available icons. The video style you select will convert and add effects to your video in the style you chose.

Step 3

Click "Upload from your Computer" and click the "Browse" button to locate the video you want to embed in the website. Click the "Simple Uploader" link at the bottom of the screen if the "Upload from your Computer" link does not work, possibly due to a slower Internet connection.

Step 4

Click "Browse" and locate the video you want to embed in Animoto. Select "Start Upload" to embed the video clips on the website. Wait for the video clip upload to complete.

Step 5

Choose to add text, rotate the video, spotlight, add another clip, or duplicate it to make it more interesting. Select the "Done" button when you finish editing.

Step 6

Select music from the Animoto library or click the "Upload from your Computer" button to add your own sound clip.

Step 7

Click "Finalize" and "Next." Type in the title and description for your video and click "Create Video." Wait a few minutes for the video to be completed.

Step 8

Click on the "Embed" link if you want to place the finished movie on a website. Select the code that appears and press "Ctrl" and "C" to copy. Open your website in the FTP or HTML program of your choice. Click the "HTML" view, often located in the top options bar, and paste the code where you want the video to appear by pressing "Ctrl" and "V."