How to Embed an Animated GIF in HTML for an Email

By Hollan Johnson

Animated Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) files add a little bit of spice to a standard HTML email message. Their movement draws attention, and thus can pull in potential customers if you use them in marketing messages. According to Email Marketing Reports, an animated GIF email message brought in 12 percent more revenue for BlueFly designer clothing than a comparable non-GIF message.

Step 1

Create an animated GIF or find one on the Internet to use in your email. If you use one off the Internet, make sure you have permission to use it. Download the animated GIF to your computer and place it in an online server for your access. You can also access it by copying the Web page address of the animated GIF.

Step 2

Open your email program and click on "Compose Mail" or "New Mail."

Step 3

Select "Insert Image" on your email program and select the animated GIF you want to insert from your computer. Click "Add." You can also type in " with "http://www.animatedgif.gif" replaced by the animated GIF's actual HTML address.

Step 4

Input the rest of your message into the text box and click "Send."

Tips & Warnings

  • Send the animated GIF HTML email to yourself first to make sure it works.