How to Embed Flash in an HTML Email

By Chad Stein

Embedding a Flash object in your email message is a great marketing tool. A Flash movie often captures your readers' attention in a way a traditional text email doesn't. This is especially helpful if you are trying to sell a product and want to demonstrate its features to your audience.

Step 1

Open your HTML email in a text editor. You can use a free editing program such as Microsoft Notepad, or more advanced HTML editors such as CoffeeCup or Dreamweaver.

Step 2

Determine where you want to include your Flash element within your HTML code. This is where the actual Flash file will be displayed to your readers when they open your email.

Step 3

Type the following HTML code into your existing code:

Step 4

Replace "YOURWIDTH" with the actual width of the Flash element you are including. Do the same for the height by replacing "YOURHEIGHT" with the actual element's height. "FILETYPE" should be replaced with the type of file being included. For example, if you are including a Flash movie, type the word "movie." Finally, replace "YOURNAME" with the actual URL of the Flash file you want to embed in your HTML email.

Step 5

Save your HTML document and verify the changes have been made by opening the file in your Internet browser.

Step 6

Send a test email to yourself with the HTML file you have created to ensure that the Flash embedded in your document displays correctly.