How to Enable a Thinkpad & a Touchpad

By Damarious Page

Laptops are all-in-one PCs, with all of the essential peripherals built into the frame. Lenovo's ThinkPad laptops use a touchpad, which is a compact pointing device used in place of a bulky and constrictive mouse. Sometimes called desktop replacements, casual power users and professionals might prefer to connect a USB mouse to the laptop because it is easier to control vs. a touchpad. To prevent further erroneous touchpad movements, users can disable the touchpad. If you are unsure how to enable the touchpad, you can use a utility in the operating system to access those functions quickly.

Step 1

Click "Start." Type "Mouse" in the search box at the bottom of the "Start" menu. Press "Enter."

Step 2

Click the "UltraNav" tab at the front of the dialog box.

Step 3

Place a check mark in the box next to "Enable TouchPad."

Step 4

Click "Apply" and "OK" to enable the touchpad on the ThinkPad.