How to Enable ActiveX in Firefox

By MayankJ

ActiveX controls are Microsoft programs that Internet Explorer automatically uses for multimedia content on the Internet. ActiveX programs are not bad in and of themselves, but the Web browser Firefox states that the controls can make the computer a target for malware like viruses or Trojans. To use ActiveX controls in Firefox, you must enable them.

Step 1

Open the Firefox Web browser. Activating the ActiveX software requires having the Web browser open.

Step 2

Click "Tools." The "Tools" option is the second to last option available on the top left-hand side of the screen. Open the drop-down menu to view the "Tools" options.

Step 3

Click the "Add-ons" option. This will open a menu for "Add-on" options. Select "Plug-ins."

Step 4

Locate the "ActiveX" plug-ins. Though Firefox does not default the ActiveX software, it is already installed on a computer that has Microsoft systems for multimedia viewing. The Firefox software might have a few plug-in options depending on the software installed on the computer, so look through the plug-ins for "ActiveX." Click "ActiveX."

Step 5

Click "Enable" when prompted. This will enable ActiveX in Firefox and allow its use for Internet services.