How to Enable Java on a Smartphone

By Suvro Banerji

A smart phone is a mobile phone that offers more functionality, including but not limited to Internet browsing. With more and more websites opting to use Java for its interactive attributes, it has become almost a necessity to enable Java on smart phones and other related mobile devices. JavaFX Mobile is an application that makes it possible to run Java on a smart phone.

Step 1

Download "JavaFX Mobile 1.2 for Windows Mobile" from its official website. Use your smartphone's Internet Explorer browser to download the zip file.

Step 2

Place a check mark next to "I agree." Hit "Download."

Step 3

Tap "Start" and then "Programs."

Step 4

Tap "File Explorer."

Step 5

Find and tap "javafx_mobile" from the list of files that have been downloaded on your smartphone.

Step 6

Tap "SUN_JAVAFX.CAB." Choose "Device" when prompted to select a location to install the application. This will initiate the installation process. Java will be enabled once the installation is complete.