How to Enable MMS Messaging for iPhone

By Catherine Johnson

Multimedia messaging (MMS) has become very popular among mobile users to share photos and videos taken with their cell phone camera. The iPhone does not come integrated with a MMS system, but there is a way to work around this by using the capabilities of iPhone email. Every cell phone comes with one or two email addresses, known as SMS gateways, which allow text and media messages to be sent by email directly to a cell phone. You can enable MMS messaging for your iPhone by using an email workaround.

Step 1

Take a photo using iPhone's built-in camera. Tap the square icon on the bottom left of your screen to go to "Camera Roll." Tap the photo you want to send. Select the lower left icon on your screen. Tap "Email Photo."

Step 2

Enter the SMS gateway for your recipient's cell phone. This is usually the recipient's ten-digit phone number followed by a unique address provided by their carrier. See resources for a list of SMS gateways for all carriers. Be sure to enter a subject for your email as some carriers may reject your message if the subject line is empty. Click "Send." Your recipient will receive your photo as an MMS message.

Step 3

To receive a MMS message on your iPhone, the sender must address the MMS message to your email account. The MMS message will show up as an email in your iPhone inbox.