How to Enable Netflix ActiveX

By Tim Mammadov

Netflix allows you to rent and watch movies from the convenience of your home without going out for a rental. However, the Netflix website uses ActiveX controls. ActiveX is a platform used by website developers to display interactive and digital media data on a web page. You need to enable the Internet Explorer browser to accept ActiveX controls, otherwise, you can't view the media content on Netflix.

Step 1

Double-click the "Internet Explorer" icon on the desktop to start the browser. Click the "Tools" menu option.

Step 2

Click the "Security" tab in the Internet Options window. Click "Internet" icon and then "Custom level" to start the "Security Settings - Internet Zone" window.

Step 3

Scroll down to "ActiveX controls and plug-ins" section.

Step 4

Check "Enable" for "Download signed ActiveX controls" and "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins." Check "Prompt" for "Download unsigned ActiveX controls."

Step 5

Click "OK" to close the Security Settings window and then "OK" in the Internet Options window.