How to Enable Tracking for a Cell Phone

By Stephanie Busby Davis

Enabling tracking on a cell phone can have many benefits. Because tracking can detect the exact point at which a phone call was made, cell phone tracking can be vital in many emergency situations. Tracking a wireless mobile device works by tracking the location of the caller, often helping to the save lives of individuals who have been in an accident or are trapped in a dangerous situation. Cell phone tracking has also been useful for some parents as adolescents begin exploring the world around them, helping the parents to still be knowledgeable of the youth's whereabouts and safety.

Step 1

Determine which wireless carriers are best suited for your area. Because wireless carriers have better signals in certain areas, make sure that you choose the carrier that has the best wireless range for you.

Step 2

Locate and purchase the mobile device that best suits your needs. When determining which wireless plan you need for your mobile device, choose the option that allows you to enable GPS tracking.

Step 3

Turn on your cell phone and begin at the Home screen or main menu. For LG and Motorola phones, you can manually enable tracking by opening the Menu option, clicking "Settings and Tools," choosing "Phone Settings," selecting "Location," and clicking "Location On." However, if you are manually enabling tracking on a BlackBerry device, you will click "Options," select "Advanced Settings," choose "GPS," open "GPS Services" and click "Location On." Different devices will call for different, but similar, methods.

Step 4

Find a free GPS service on the Internet that will allow you to track your device. Google Maps for Mobile is a free and simple tracking service that is frequently used.

Step 5

Locate the website of the GPS service provider you decided to use for tracking and create a user account. You will need to create a user name and password to create an account. You will also need to enter a personal e-mail address and the phone number of the mobile device you are attempting to track; choose "Submit."

Step 6

Read the text message you receive on the mobile device phone number you entered and open the URL. Follow the download instructions and install the needed tracking software.

Step 7

Return to the website for the GPS tracking service provider and log in. You should now see an image which resembles a map and contains a blinking dot. The dot signifies the tracked location of the mobile device you registered.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before enabling tracking on your cell phone, check with your wireless carrier for additional costs, fees and limitations for tracking the device.