How to Enter Registered Trademarks in Text

By Tricia Goss

A registered trademark is represented by a symbol that appears as an upper-case "R" enclosed by a circle. A registered trademark symbol shows that a person, company or other organization has registered a brand name or other mark with a specific government entity. A registered trademark provides legal protection to its owner. No other organization or individual can legally use the registered mark. While writing the registered trademark symbol by hand is not too difficult, creating the symbol using certain computer applications can be accomplished in a few different ways.

Step 1

Enter a registered trademark symbol in Microsoft Word by typing "(r)" (minus quotes) and pressing the "Enter" key. The symbol is included in Word's built-in Auto Correct feature.

Step 2

Use the keyboard shortcut of "Ctrl+Alt+R" as another option to enter the registered trademark symbol in Microsoft Word.

Step 3

Insert the registered trademark symbol in most word processing programs by going to the "Insert" menu, choosing "Symbol" and locating the registered trademark symbol.

Step 4

Insert a registered trademark symbol into programs like Photoshop or a website editor if you are using a Windows PC by entering "ALT + 0174." Use the number pad on the right side of the keyboard.

Step 5

Enter the registered trademark programs into a program on a Mac by pressing "Option+R."

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