How to Enter the BIOS on a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV25

By Ruri Ranbe

In 2003, Sony released a new addition to the PCG-FRV series of personal notebooks: the Sony VAIO PCG-FRV25. At the time, the laptop was a powerful piece of electronic equipment with increased accessibility to larger storage drives and RAM capacities, though the computer is now rather dated. To upgrade hardware such as the hard drive within the laptop, you may need to access the BIOS to confirm that the system detects the new hardware or to make changes to the system's configuration. Fortunately, accessing the BIOS on the VAIO PCG-FRV25 is simple.

Step 1

Connect your AC adapter to the power jack on the side of your Sony VAIO PCG-FRV25. Plug the AC adapter into the wall.

Step 2

Remove any disks from the disk drive. Disconnect any peripheral devices connected to the PC.

Step 3

Open the lid to the laptop and press the power button to turn on the computer.

Step 4

Hit "F2" when the Sony logo appears to access BIOS setup.