How to Erase Bookmarks on an Imac

By Jason Artman

If you have been using your iMac for a while, it is likely that you have accumulated many bookmarks in the Safari Web browser. Web pages are often bookmarked but only returned to a single time, if ever. Deleting your unused bookmarks can make the more commonly-used ones faster to find, making erasing bookmarks an important maintenance aspect of owning a computer. Erase the unused bookmarks on your iMac to streamline your Safari bookmarks list.

Step 1

Click "Bookmarks" in Safari, then click "Show All Bookmarks."

Step 2

Right click on the bookmark that you would like to delete, or hold the "Ctrl" key while clicking if you have a single-button mouse.

Step 3

Click "Delete."

Tips & Warnings

  • Hold the "Command" key while clicking bookmarks to select multiple items, then right click on one and click "Delete" to erase all of the highlighted bookmarks in one step.