How to Erase the Pictures on Your iPad

By David Nield

The Photos app built into iOS on your iPad gives you access to all of the pictures and video you've taken with your device, as well as any images synced to your Photo Stream through iCloud. You can edit, share and delete images from the app, which enables you to erase pictures individually or in batches. Unless you have the images in question backed up in another location, there's no way of getting them back once they've been deleted.

Step 1

Tap the "Photos" icon on the iPad's home screen.

Step 2

Tap "Photos" to see all of the pictures stored on the device. Swipe up and down to scroll through the thumbnails.

Step 3

Select "Edit" if you wish to delete a batch of images together. Tap all of the photos you wish to remove (each one will be marked with a blue tick) and choose "Delete" to erase them.

Step 4

Tap on an individual photo to see a larger preview of it. Tap the trash can icon then choose "Delete Photo" to erase it.

Step 5

Tap on "Photo Stream" or "Albums" from the Photos app front page to browse through images from other sources and the albums you've created.

Tips & Warnings

  • The photos and albums you see on your iPad will vary depending on the images you've taken and how you've synced your pictures with iTunes and iCloud. If you're using iCloud to sync your Photo Stream across multiple devices and computers, erasing an image from this Photo Stream will also erase it from your other synced locations,
  • Information in this article applies to iOS 6.1.3. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions.