How to Exit Out of Header Footer Option in Excel 2007

By Jenny Westberg

Microsoft Excel 2007 gives you many helpful options for creating headers and footers, which appear at the top or bottom of each printed page. The tricky part comes when you're finished. There's no "Exit" option in the submenu, or anywhere else on your screen. Mark Dodge and Craig Stinson, in "Microsoft Office Excel 2007: Inside Out," explain that this happened as part of a Microsoft design change that relocated the header/footer option, making it part of Page Layout view. The key to exiting header/footer mode is changing the view.

Step 1

Add a header or footer. Click "Header & Footer" in the "Text" area of the "Insert" tab. Click on the document in the area marked "Click to add header" or "Click to add footer."

Step 2

Design the header or footer. Select preformatted options from the menu, type in your own text, or use a combination of menu items and typed text. When you finish the header or footer, click anywhere on the body of the document.

Step 3

Change to Normal View. Click "Normal" in the "Workbook Views" area of the "View" tab. You will leave header/footer mode and return to your worksheet.