How to Export the Outlook Calendar to Gmail

By Katrina Matterhorn

If you use both Outlook and Gmail calendars, exporting your Outlook calendar to your Gmail calendar account can help you sync the information so that you don't have to manually update one of them, thereby saving entry time. In addition to having this option, you can select which Outlook calendar you want to export and to which Gmail calendar you want to export it to.

Step 1

Double-click the "Outlook" icon to launch the email application.

Step 2

Select a calendar to export under "Calendar."

Step 3

Click "File," "Save As."

Step 4

Click "Save As" and type a name for the calendar. Click "More Options." Select a date range to include. Select how much you want to show to your recipients under "Detail."

Step 5

Click "Show." This will take you to "Advanced Options" where you can include attachments or include details that were set to private.

Step 6

Click "OK," "Save."

Step 7

Log into your Google calendar account by typing in your username and password. Click "Settings." Click "Import Calendar" beneath "Calendar Settings."

Step 8

Click "Browse" under "Select File" and click the Outlook calendar you saved. Click "Open."

Step 9

Choose the Google calendar you want to import your Outlook calendar to beneath "Choose Calendar." Click "Import" beneath "Complete Import."