How to Extend iPhone Battery Life

By Jason Artman

When the iPhone 4 is on standby, Apple claims that the battery can last for up to 300 hours. However, activities such as talking on the phone, playing games and browsing the Web will decrease this figure considerably. If you need your iPhone to remain available for calls as long as possible between battery charges, there are several things that you can do to minimize battery consumption and extend the life of the device.

Step 1

Minimize the amount of time that you spend downloading data or browsing the Web. These activities keep the 3G radio or Wi-Fi adapter active, which can decrease battery life.

Step 2

Minimize the amount of time that you spend video conferencing with FaceTime. In addition to utilizing the iPhone's network connection, FaceTime utilizes the iPhone's camera, further draining the battery.

Step 3

Minimize the amount of time you spend playing games or watching movies. These activities force the screen's backlight to remain on. In addition, games may utilize the iPhone's processor and graphics chip to a greater extent than other applications.

Step 4

Lower the brightness of the screen. The iPhone's screen brightness makes it possible to view the display in bright outdoor light. However, this results in battery utilization that may be unnecessary if you usually use the phone indoors.

Step 5

Keep your iPhone updated. Apple periodically releases firmware updates for the iPhone that may improve performance and include power-saving features to improve the life of the battery.

Step 6

Disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features if you only use the 3G radio to get online and do not use external Bluetooth devices such as headsets.

Step 7

Quit any background applications that you are not actively using. Applications running in the background may consume system resources and decrease the iPhone's battery life.

Step 8

Disable push notifications for new email messages. The iPhone has the ability to automatically notify you when you receive new messages. However, this requires the device to periodically check the Internet, which may keep the network connection active more often than necessary.

Step 9

Disable the graphic equalizer for music playback. Although you may enjoy listening to music with a little extra bass or treble, this requires post-processing that uses the processor on the iPhone to modify sounds before they are played through the earbuds. This may cause a slight drain on battery life.

Step 10

Disable location services. This feature uses GPS satellites and cell tower triangulation to determine your location as you use the device. This allows you to tag pictures that you take with the location in which they were taken. It also allows you to obtain driving directions. However, you can turn location services on only when you use these features.