How to Extend Wireless Range

By Techwalla Contributor

Wireless internet is one of the most helpful technological advances to date. Many people use wireless internet on laptops in the most comfortable location in the home without having to worry about cords and internet cables. However, sometimes a computer will not get a strong enough wireless signal. Here are several things you can do to extend wireless range.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Wireless internet

Step 1

Change the position of the router. You can easily extend wireless range simply by getting the router off of the floor, moving it into the same room as the computer, or moving it to the center of the room. Experiment with different positions to extend wireless range.

Step 2

Reduce interference by keeping the router away from things like microwave ovens or cordless phones. There can also be interference if your router is close to a different router, such as your neighbor's.

Step 3

Use a wireless antennae booster. These are simple devices that plug into the base of your router and can effectively extend wireless range.

Step 4

Secure your wireless router. If your network does not have a security password, neighbors using your wireless signal can sometimes jam it up. Check your security features.

Step 5

Sometimes, you will need to upgrade your router to extend wireless range. Technology continually gets more and more sophisticated, so simply buying a newer router can extend wireless range.