How to Extract a Zip in FileZilla

By Chris O'Brien

FileZilla is a free FTP client, a program that operates using File Transfer Protocol, an Internet protocol for sending files. Zip files are compressed files that are saved as a .zip file type. Because zip files are smaller than their uncompressed contents, it is common to send zip files across the Internet to reduce the amount of time needed for download. Once a file is downloaded, it needs to be opened. There are many programs that will open a zip file. FileZilla is one such program.

Things You'll Need

  • FileZilla
  • Downloaded zip file
  • Zip extractor such as PeaZip or the Unarchiver

Open the Zip File

Step 1

If you don't already have a zip file extractor installed on your computer, install one of the extractors linked in the Resources section below.

Step 2

In the main window of FileZilla, look at the file path listed in the field labeled "Local site:." This is the directory where downloaded files are saved on your computer.

Step 3

Navigate to the directory identified in Step 2 using your computer's file explorer (Windows Explorer in Windows, Finder on he Mac, Nautilus or Konqueror in Linux).

Step 4

Right-click on the zip file you want to extract, and select the "Extract Here" option. Note that the wording may be slightly different depending on the extractor used.

Step 5

If you want, move the extracted file to a different directory.