How to Extract an NRG File

By David Gray

An NRG file is a CD image file encoded in the .nrg file format. This format is a proprietary format used by Nero Burning ROM software, made by Nero AG. However, despite the proprietary nature of this file format, a number of free software programs can read these files.

Step 1

Download a free software program capable of reading .nrg files. One such program is Alcohol 52%; it's a free and powerful tool that can be used to read, create, copy, and burn CD image files (see Resources).

Step 2

Install the software. For Alcohol 52%, the first time you run the program it will create a virtual CD-ROM drive, which you can then use to mount CD image files (which has the same effect as if you had burned the image file onto a CD, then inserted the CD into your computer's physical CD drive).

Step 3

Open the .nrg file with the software. For Alcohol 52%, you can accomplish this simply by mounting the .nrg file onto the virtual CD drive you created when you first ran the program.

Step 4

Open the image file with Windows Explorer and copy any files you want from the CD image file to your hard drive.